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April 10th Meeting Summary


Welcome, Introductions, and Blessing

  • We welcomed newcomers on the screen, and all introduced themselves.

  • We had several new Partners present, and each told us a bit about themselves and why compassionate work gave them hope.

  • Carla Mae offered the prayers below and reviewed the place of emotional intelligence or compassion in the 'inner work' we need to do in order to offer compassion to anyone else.

  • Several of our endorsers who are sustaining donors, offering $10-50 monthly to help Compassionate St. Louis pay its bills were present. We are most grateful to these dedicated people!



Holy One,

Here we are, gathered like flowers in a garden.

What does Compassion look like me?

It has your reach out and help...

It has your go where you need to go...

It has eyes to see what is really going on...when you might want to look away...

It has ears to hear the groans and sighs of those who don't have strength to struggle any more...

It has a mouth to speak concern, and to offer a good word.

This is what compassion looks like.


Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT)

To give compassion to another, we need to begin with ourselves.

Unless we are doing our own 'inner work' we will not be able to give what we do not have.


Compassion is a form of emotional intelligence.

To understand it we need to know how our human consciousness works.


It operates in four a dance.

First, we Gather Data...from the world around us, from science, from economics, from religion, etc.

Second, we Question the Data for Meaning...we seek to understand it...

Third, we Reach Conclusions of Fact...about our understanding of the data...

Fourth, we Decide what to do or not do... about what we understand to be true about the data.

In between the third and fourth step our emotions indicate what is of value to us...

Then our actions reflect what we feel is important.

Compassion is a developed sense of the value of the suffering of others.

We feel impelled to do what we can to relieve that suffering.

'Shout Out' – Alisa 


  • Mindy Stieg, our Web keeper, reported that we have 372 endorsers, and she shared our newcomers both by name and in the chat. 128 to go to reach our goal of 500...!

  • Steve DiSalvo our Facebook Coordinator reported that we have 550 folks checking our Facebook page. Steve will be putting out a notice each week or several times a month to invite folks to endorse us. He is incorporating global and national compassionate activity and welcomes and enters whatever is sent to him that is useful to the St. Louis effort.

  • Terese, our Outreach C0-Convener,

  • Therese updated us on several 'group invitations' she has made, reminding us that several follow-ups will be needed until a group finally endorses. She urged all of us to continue inviting groups to stand with us...those we frequent...stores, service folks, etc. and to bring one new group for our May meeting if we can. She again urged us to use the Charter and Invitation just click HERE, then print back-to-back as a handout and 'elevator speech' to urge others to click 'Endorse Us' on our website, and fill in the needed contact information. She especially urges us to view the 4-Minute video available at;

  • Dave Wenzel on Finances:
    Dave reported that we are OK financially, we have about $400-500 in the bank. Dave will be doing a more detailed update for our May meeting. Efforts to gain our own 501c3 will begin soon. We welcome anyone who shares their resources with us and are very grateful for those who have helped us financially last month. See 'Donate' on our website,


Next Meeting: May 8, 2023. The Zoom link will be sent.

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