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From Edward Madden to Everyone:
My computer doesn't have a camera or microphone so I can't join except to watch and listen.


13:16:24 From Cindy (she/her/hers) to Everyone:
Can someone please post the Challenge Plus website in the chat?


13:21:03 From Ron to Everyone:;!!K543PA!K9xcWVHEs8dxjcId27pCJgkH8Wr_-osEq6EqMfzXrtUpavP9gjJ-y1XRqlwKlqbV8bLnOe3_KKikuQNJp6FLqC5yqDJ1$


13:24:05 From Cindy (she/her/hers) to Everyone:
Replying to Ron
Thank you!!


13:26:03 From Karen Aroesty she/her to Everyone:;!!K543PA!K9xcWVHEs8dxjcId27pCJgkH8Wr_-osEq6EqMfzXrtUpavP9gjJ-y1XRqlwKlqbV8bLnOe3_KKikuQNJp6FLqE1nfNso$


13:26:35 From Terese Messman to Everyone:;!!K543PA!K9xcWVHEs8dxjcId27pCJgkH8Wr_-osEq6EqMfzXrtUpavP9gjJ-y1XRqlwKlqbV8bLnOe3_KKikuQNJp6FLqJeWURkq$


14:05:33 From Lisa Burks to Everyone:
Lisa Burks


14:05:50 From Winnie Sullivan to Everyone:
My contact information is


14:06:47 From Lisa Burks to Everyone:;!!K543PA!K9xcWVHEs8dxjcId27pCJgkH8Wr_-osEq6EqMfzXrtUpavP9gjJ-y1XRqlwKlqbV8bLnOe3_KKikuQNJp6FLqDbpinjB$


14:10:22 From Terese Messman to Everyone:
To learn more about the history of segregation in the Christian Science faith: “A Ram in The Thicket” by George Wadleigh CS. Although the racism is now corrected reparations would be good.


14:12:04 From Ron to Everyone:
I appreciate your conviction!


14:13:09 From Firoozeh Motiei to Everyone:
Lisa and Winnie thank you for all your hard work!


14:13:30 From Lisa Burks to Everyone:
We are so glad to be with you today.


14:13:42 From Cindy (she/her/hers) to Everyone:
Thank you, Lisa and Winnie, for sharing and for all that you are doing!


14:14:28 From Arlene to Everyone:
Lisa and Winnie, Thank you for all of your work, research and education!


14:17:49 From Karen Aroesty she/her to Everyone:
Thank you all so much -- need to roll off.


14:17:54 From Karen Aroesty she/her to Everyone:
a very good week!

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