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Being a Partner with us means standing with us as we build a Network of organizations and individuals who work for a new way to be the St. Louis Region.

Become An Individual Partner

  • Intentionally affiliate with CSTL

  • Have signed on to the Charter virtually

  • Post the Charter in their own private venue

  • Follow the Charter in their personal relationships at home and elsewhere

  • Respond with support as they can and in outreach to invite others

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We continue to grow our Base and ask you to review what follows so you are fully aware what Partners 'do.'

Join As An Organizational Partner

  • In consultation with their members, the entire group with their Director, intentionally affiliates with CSTL, in effect members becoming individual Partners also

  • The entire organization has signed on to the Charter virtually

  • The Charter is posted publicly in the organization and the CSTL logo can be used

  • Members of the organization hold each other to the principles of the Charter in all decisions


The organization becomes supportive as it can and invites other organizations and individuals to also Partner with CSTL.

We also invite the Organization Representative to join personally by filling out the Individual Membership form as well.

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