Core Coordinating Circle Members

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Carla Mae Streeter 

Carla Mae is professor emerita at Aquinas Institute of Theology, a graduate school of Ministry and Leadership in the Dominican Tradition associated with St. Louis University. She is Convener of CompassionateSTL and chair of the CSTL Coordinating Circle, the flexible gathering of Core CSTL Members and Partners which meets to report on and direct CSTL efforts and activities. She is one of the founders of CSTL along with the Rev. David Mehl (retired).

David Oughton

Dr. David Oughton has taught many courses in the world's religions at Saint Louis University.  He has been the president of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis. David has attended the Parliaments of World Religion in 1993 (Chicago), 1999 (Cape Town), 2004 (Barcelona), 2009 (Melbourne), 2014 (Salt Lake City), and 2018 (Toronto). He was part of the 2013 St. Louis Group that went to Louisville to help St. Louis begin the process of becoming a Compassionate City.

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Katherine Van Uum

Katherine was trained as a historian and philosopher of science. She has taught on the college level. In her research, Katherine welcomes the shift of cognitive and neuroscience research towards health and wellness paradigms, and views the science of compassion is a part of that shift. She has been vital to CSTL in helping the group to keep a science-based focus. 

Philip Deitch

Philip Deitch has a 50 year-plus career as a human rights advocate that goes back to his 8th grade. He is active in a broad range of efforts impacting civil rights and equality, environmental justice, arts diversity, and coalition work by the Jewish and other spiritual communities. As a volunteer photographer he has built an archive of over 200,000 images documenting community social justice work.  Philip is the official photographer for CSTL, and Note-taker for its Coordinating Circle Meetings.

Jack Sisk

Jack Sisk is the founder and executive director of The Living Insights Center, a universal religious and spiritual center which honors and nurtures the beliefs of each individual, and promotes understanding and appreciation of all spiritual traditions. A Hindu for 56 years, Jack is very active at The Hindu Temple of St. Louis. He represents the Hindu tradition as well as Living Insights on the Board of The Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis.  

Batya Abrahmson Goldstein

Batya Abramson-Goldstein served the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) from 1988 to 2016, retiring in that year as its Executive Director.She served on the Cabinet of Interfaith Partnership including a term as Chair, was a founding member of Arts & Faith St. Louis, and served as chair of the Interfaith Breakfast Dialogue Group until her retirement in 2016. Retirement has not ended her continued support for efforts that build up the St. Louis region

Steve DiSalvo

Stephen DiSalvo has led Maryville University’s Office of Service & Spiritual Life since fall 2006, supporting students of all or no religious affiliation, providing multiple opportunities to participate in volunteer service. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism in 1988, a Master’s Degree in Special Education in 1998 at the University of Missouri. He earned a Master of Divinity in 2005 at Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Lo. He is tech savvy, and oversees the CSTL Facebook page.

Beth Damsgaard-Rodriguez

Beth has been active in interfaith work for many years. She is currently CEO and Interfaith Consultant at Interfaith Quest, an organization that provides interactive leadership focused on interactive leadership opportunities for youth representing a diversity of faith, races and cultures. Beth was a vital part of CSTL’s visioning and planning as it created its ten-year plan, and in encouraging her young members to become Partners in building the grass-roots base in the effort to make St. Louis a compassionate city.

Maryl Walters

Maryl Walters, CSB, MTS, is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher; an interfaith activist as a Cabinet Member of Interfaith Partnership in St. Louis, a member of the Interreligious Relations Convening Table of the National Council of Churches, participating in Jewish-, Muslim-, Sikh-, Hindu-, and Buddhist-Christian dialogues at the national level. Maryl has been active with CSTL from the Louisville visit on, gifting us with her networking skills and contacts.

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Organizational Partners

2nd Chance Freedom Foundation 2-19

Buckminster Fuller Center for

    Spirituality and Sustainability

CAIR, Missouri 

City Greens Markets

Congregation B'nai Amoona

Interfaith Breakfast Dialogue

Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis

Interfaith Quest
Interfaith QuestInterfaith St. Charles

Laughing Bear Bakery, Inc.

Living Insights Center

Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Metro East Interfaith Partnership

My Just Desserts Alton

Neighborhood Enterprises
Nepute Wellness Center

Palestinian Awareness Group

Regional Muslim Action Network

Reset Missouri

St. Louis Friends of Bethlehem
St. Louis Friends Meeting

Saint Louis University

Salam Clinics, Muslim Community  

    Services in St. Louis

SF Shannon
Shia Islamic Education Center
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas-St. Louis

S.N.A.G. - Shawnee Natural Area Guardians

The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

The Sheldon

Turkish American Society of Missouri
    and Muslim Academy 

Individual Endorser Partners

Mona Abdallalazlama

Beverly Anderson

Jean Anderson         

Ginger Andrews

Marianne Angliongto     

Fran Armstrong

Patricia Baca     

Mary Bailey       

Alyssa Banford

Linda Bargmann

Bahar Bastani

Matthew Baugh        

Mariette Baxendale

Paul Beins 

Roger Bertschausen       

Engin Blackstone

Wendy Bolm           

Agnes Brueggen              

Charles Bryson

Merlene Buford

Rodrick Burton

Sheila Burton

Yvonne Campbell  

Amy Camie

Delores Chapman           

Susan Clancy

Lenora Collier   

James Comninellis

Jeffrey Cornelius

Trish Cowan-Williams

Lillie M. Crockett        

David Crow        

Teresa Danieley

Richard Davenport

Helen Davis

Kathleen Davis

Philip Deitch

Loyd Duering

Ali K. Durhan

Laura B. Ellenhorn

Kelly Etheridge

Kathleen Farrell   

Amy Feder

Jacque Foster

Lenny Frankel   

David Gerth

Mary Carol Ghislin

Steve Gilbert

Margaret Gillerman

Judy Gladney

Josh Goldman   

Laura Goldmeier

Idaria Goodwin

Marquis Govan

Sophia Grewal  

Jim Griffard       

William Gruhn

Debra Grund

Tom Gunn

Jeff Haferkamp

Jack Hambene

Madeline Hammell

Ricky D. Harden

Thomas Hardy 

Vicki Harpring   

Muhamed Hasic

John Hawkey    

Ghazala Hayat

Vincent Heier

Mary Henehan

Virginia Herbers

Ellen Hiatt

Amy Hill

Steve Hinson

Paul Hintze

Hsin-hsin Huang   

Zubaida Ibrahim              

Keli Jackson       

Scott Jenkins     

Gary Johnson    

Paula Kaintz       

Howard Kaplansky

Karen Karabell        

Shari Kern          

Dave Kim

Sweth Kim

Aureil Kirkland

Ron Kirkpatrick

Yvonne Kirkpatrick          

Kim Kirn                

Shari Klein

Walter Ko

Lea Koesterer   

Dan Koslowski                  

Evan Krauss

David Landesman

Katie Jansen Larsen     

Elaine Larson     

Ted Lau

Kevin Laughery

Pearlie Lewis

Kathy Liebman

Jeff Lindgren

Michael Litwack

Jo Ludwig

Mary Lutz

Edward Madden

David J. Mancuso     Teresa Mancuso

Elvir Mandzukic

Karen Mantia

Kathleen Martin           Catalina Martinez         Billie Mayo

Kalen McAllister

Marybeth McBryan

Lana Gilbert McCarty Tom Mckenzie

Nora McMorrow

Andrew Mehring         Terese Messman

Ann Miller           

Cileia Miranda-Yuen     Jeff Moore

Laua Moore

Ebrahim Moshiri           Fie Motiei           

Joy Nack

Elna A. Nelson            

Tim Noonan

Mary Paulinus Oakes

Kay B. O'Connor

Ronald O’Dwyer 

Jorie O’Malley  

Steve O’Malley

Javier Orozco

Alan Parham

Edna Pinter      

Jim Poinsett

Audrey Price

Margie Pride

Rudy Pulido       

Ruth Rangel       

Joe Reagan        

Nancy Remmert           John Renard

Paul Reuter

Tamara Revels

Jonella Rhoda

Dustin Robinson

Guillermo A.  


Carnie Rose

Brigitte Rosenberg       Eliot Rosenbloom

Edward Ruane

Michael Ruberton     

Larry Samuels

Lucian Samuels

Stephen Sanders

Ben Sandler

Susan Sanner    

Sherri Saunders

Peggy Beljan Schaefer

Marilyn Scheibel           Sharon Schmitz

Harvey Schneider

Debra Schuster          

Marie Annette   


Rachel Shannon

Mojda Sidiqi

Dorothy Simmons

Christopher Smith

Deandra Smith

Jenna Spekart

Sandy Spencer

Michelle Stacy               Barbara Stanford

Jonathan Starr          

Katherine Steele

Mindy Stieg

Gerald L. Stookey        Paul Stroble

C. Jessel Strong

Bob Suberi         

Carolyn Sur

Judy Szot

Shirley Talbot

Andy Thorp        

Lisa Thorp          

Ryan Tobey

Barb Trettel       

Marilyn Turkovitch

Ben Verhagen       

David Walters

Marilyn Webb 

David Wenzel

Carol Wesley

Marcia Wilderman

Nancy Williams        

Lois Yatzeck

Osamu Yoshida

Carol Ziel