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Summary from the
CSTL Coordinating Circle Meeting,

September 11



1:00pm: Welcome, Introductions and Blessing:

  • We welcomed new endorsers present, and they introduced themselves

  •  A blessing was given.

1:10pm: CompassionateUSA Training, are you interested?

  • Modules are available from for free, which train us in the  Compassionate Skill Set...with certification...! Check it out...and let us know if you become certified, because you could then help us with future training of boards, faculties, and staffs...!

1:20pm Reports:

  • Mindy Stieg: Update on our Endorsements and website: Who are our new Endorsers? We have reached our goal of 500 Endorsements, and will be seeking and appointment with the Mayor of St. Louis!

  • Steve Di Salvo: Steve is busy opening the new school report.


  • Terese Messman: with the help of Carla Mae and Fie Moteie, Terese has held several Neighborhood Gatherings, gaining us many new Endorsements...!

  • Carla Mae on our 501c3: we are now tax exempt, and will soon be able to accept financial support directly into our own account tax free...! Notice will be coming...! Our sincerest thanks to those of you who send in offerings to cover this expense...! For now, donations can be made to: 
    Compassionate St. Louis
    c/o Carla Mae Streeter, OP,
    23 South Spring Ave.
    St. Louis, MO 63108.

1:30pm  We 'Shout Out' Compassion:

  • Marie Kenyon, lawyer from the St. Louis Archdiocese, and Mike England, Principal of St. Mary's School in South City told us the story of the wonderful things going on in South City. Yes, St. Mary's will be staying open...we heard the story and what the new plan is for South City...! It's a look at Compassion in Education...!

  • Questions, comments, suggestions followed...we will be following up on this compassion in action...


2:15pm Closure


Next Meeting: We will be meeting in-person!
The date will be the third Monday, October 16, 2023,

7:00 to 9:00 pm in Clayton

Monday October 16th
7 - 9 PM

8077 Maryland Ave

Clayton, MO 63105


Get ready to learn more about these
exciting topics.

  • Why we need compassion in Saint Louis

  • Shout Out to:
    - St. Louis Realtors/Housing
    - Foster Child program
    - Compassion and Interfaith Partnership

  • Breakout into mini groups to
    find compassion

  • And much more!

Please RSVP

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