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The second message is a link to hear our dear friends, the Interfaith Amigos, in discussion about the crisis in Gaza and Israel. Imam Jamal Rahman, Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan, and Pastor Don Mackenzie have words of wisdom to share. Their ideas reflect the position of the Charter for Compassion.  Prepare to join us later in 2024, for Imam Jamal’s and Rabbi Laura’s Global Reads; each has a book to share and will also offer Charter Education Institute courses. Watch for dates and times in future newsletters.

The third part is a gemination of an idea that was explored today in conversation with two Charter partners in Jordan. Much concern was expressed for all children today that are being exposed to the happenings of war. We want to work towards a global art exchange to see what is on children's minds and to hear their voices. 

Finally, we need your volunteer and financial support for all that is necessary as we move forward.  There is a little more explanation in each of these announcements below. For those of you who celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa, may it be a blessed and joyous time for you. For all of us, no matter what calendar we follow, may we work together for a brighter tomorrow, filled with light.

Reclaim The Light


Dear friends of the Charter,

There are four parts to this final newsletter of 2023. I hope you will take the time to read it. 

As I organize and write the messages, I am reminded of the advice that theologian Harvey Cox gave us so many years ago: “Not to decide is to decide.” In my opinion, non-action at this time in history is not acceptable. The movements in this world towards Fascism, war, and assaults on human rights generally teach us daily that we must take a stand. That stand should be based on compassion (in action), love, mercy, deep listening, and a willingness to embrace our common humanity. 

Please read the message on how to get involved and be a part of Peace on Earth 2030. This six-year campaign, if embraced, can bring us to a tipping point to peace. Click the link in the message below to learn more, register for an in-depth 90-minute webinar on January 3, and commit to working with a small group to generate change in your community. It is our opportunity to build a just and equitable future.

Peace on Earth (POE)—2023

Your life is the playing field for achieving global peace by 2030. You must light the playing field if you are to realize this dream. You will only be successful if you do this with a team.

In the vast canvas of existence, light emerges as a profound symbol, a universal metaphor that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with the human spirit. From the first rays of dawn that gently awaken the world to the soft glow of a bedside lamp that comforts in the night, light is a constant companion in our journey through life.

In 2023, we have been robbed of light.

However, in the darkest hours, light must become a symbol of hope. A single candle in the night carries the promise of a new beginning. It reminds us that, even in the bleakest moments, there is a potential for renewal and a path toward brighter horizons. 

Join the global movement on January 3, 12-1:30 pm EST, to learn about the vision and how you can be involved in this dynamic and effective approach for peacebuilding. It starts by participating in the Peace Game and then, if interested, to create a Peace on Earth Zone (POE) in your community. The Peace Game is played online as part of a global community over 9 weeks, between January 17 and March 13, 2024. 

The Peace Game and Peace on Earth Zones are based on seven strategies that ignited and enabled the world to come together in a common cause to bring a torch of peace around the world in 1986. Wherever the torch went, all wars stopped, and the world was united as one. This was called the First Run. 

Learn more about the First Run, the goals and principles behind the game HERE.

During the meeting on January 3, you will meet the founder and architect of the Peace on Earth by 2030 movement and organizer of the First Earth Run, David Gershon. He will share the vision and how you can play a role in creating POE. This movement is a game-changer for our world.  If ever the world needed peace, it is now. If not us, who? If not now, when? Please join us on January 3, to learn how to contribute to Peace on Earth by 2030—one person and one community at a time. Spark the light! Register HERE.

On the Crisis in Gaza and Israel

Over the last two months, like many people globally, the Charter has been affected deeply by what is happening in the Middle East. We have tried to be responsive to concerns, options, accusations, and attempts to teach us history, and to urge us not to abandon other areas of the world in conflict. We have put forth our ideas for a new type of diplomacy, of attempts to create a middle ground of safety and compassion, of deep listening and compassion. We'd like to share ideas expressed by our mentors and friends, the Interfaith Amigos, with you. Their words, too, offer that bridge to Peace on Earth, and a sharper, more luminous light that can pave the way to a new dawn. Click HERE to watch the 15-minute-long conversation.


Hear the Voices of the Children

The role of adults in taking care of children is to create a safe and supportive environment so they may express their thoughts and feelings. We must find ways to encourage them to share their perspectives and actively listen to their responses, fostering an open dialogue about the important and complex topics they are exposed to now. 

Join the Charter in exploring how we might create an interactive global art show of children's work—capturing their drawings, sharing their stories, and listening to their hopes and dreams. 

Join us in conversation and action on Wednesday, January 3rd, 8 am PST


Support the Charter

We realize that there is a plethora of worthy organizations that ask you to help support them in their work. If you visit our homepage, you'll see our global involvement and the work that demands our attention. You'll see our numbers and outreach.  

Please consider giving, of your time, talent, and whenever possible, financial support.


Contact us if you would like to join our volunteer team.

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