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Listen to the latest Compassionate Saint Louis Podcast Here

City Greens Market exists to provide access to fresh, quality, and affordable produce to all of our neighbors, to promote healthy living in the community, and to provide a welcoming and comfortable space for their members.


Torch Bearers 2's objective is to train youth to serve in leadership roles among their peers, in their communities, & throughout the WORLD. They assist youth in learning through active participation in all of sorts of programs.

Laughing Bear Bakery is a St. Louis non-profit offering a work skills reintegration program for ex-offenders who are working very hard to start a new life. They receive on-the-job training and create delicious treats that sell across the St. Louis area.

Our latest podcast: Dr. Jean Moretto of Walter’s Walk, an organization that is a counseling organization  providing integrated mental health services to children and adults who have experienced trauma, depression, and anxiety.


Our latest podcast is an interview with  James Roos and Jeff Buck of Sanctuary In The Ordinary who revitalize and then compassionately manage dignified rental housing for low-income residents.


Our third podcast is an interview with  Angel Echols, Facilitator at EnTeam whose mission is to encourage educators to use collaborative games that strengthen students socially and academically. 


Compassionate Saint Louis

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Gateway GIS an organization that works with youth in disadvantaged areas to help them find the path to fulfilling their dreams and hopes for their futures by Bridging the digital, geographic, cultural, racial, and economic divide.


Our second podcast is an interview with  Rock Erekson, Coordinator for Just Serve whose work brings organizations and volunteers together to do good things for our communities.

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