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January 8th Meeting Summary


1:00pm Welcome, Introductions, and Blessing

  • We again introduced new endorsers, and asked for guidance to make our concern for others take real shape in our lives.


1:10pm CompassionateUSA Training:
Plans for Skill Set Training

Several of us are in a race to complete the Compassionate Science Skill Set Modules ( from the University of San Antonio.


1:20pm Reports:

  • Mindy Stieg: Update on our Endorsements and website
    Who are our new Endorsers?
    Mindy reported seven new endorsers.

  •  Appointment in the office of the Mayor of St. Louis?
    Carla Mae reported that we are still waiting for a response from the Mayor's Office. In the meantime, she is working with the Education Dept., the Scouts, and the Rotary Clubs.

  • Steve DiSalvo: Update on Facebook
    Steve monitors our Facebook page and incorporates items from the Seattle Central Office onto it for our local awareness.

  • Terese Messman: Outreach Update
    Terese is in touch with Elaine Chu of Public Radio, and we hope to make a connection soon!


  • Carla Mae/Tim Vosse: Our Finances
    We have approximately $1300 in our endowment fund, and $377 in our checking account; again, thanks to our donators and sustaining donors especially...!

1:30pm Our 'Shout Out'
What Political Compassion Looks Like

  • Meet Richard Von Glahn of Jobs with Justice, Workers' Rights Boalrd, and the Faith and Labor Alliance, to learn the story of what political compassion looks like. Watch for a podcast soon about how folks are making St. Louis voters savvy on the impact bills have on our lives! Richard clued us in on a bill that already has 80,000 signatures to appear on the ballot in 2024. The bill will gradually increase the minimum wage closer to a living wage and offer one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours workers spend on the job. For more information, check


Questions, Comments, Suggestions
Followed with a lively discussion.


Click HERE for materials for inviting another to endorse,

to 'Stand With Us'


2:10pm Closure.


Next Meeting: February 12th, 1:00pm.


Carla Mae Streeter, OP

Convener, CSTL


Carla Mae Streeter, OP

Aquinas Institute of Theology

23 South Spring Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63108-3323


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