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March 11th Meeting Summary


1:00pm Welcome, Introductions, and Blessing​​


1:10pm Compassionate St. Louis:

Who are We and What are our Goals?

  • You will be able to state these in less than 3 minutes!

  • Final 20-Year Goal: Rebrand the St. Louis Region: from St. Louis as the city of violence and racism, to the city where you would want to live, for these people take care of people.


1:20pm Reports:

  • Mindy Stieg: Update on our Endorsements and website
    Who are our new Endorsers?

    Report coming in April.

  • Carla Mae: Appointment in the office of the Mayor of St. Louis, other contacts:
    Still waiting for a date and time; purpose of the meeting? To ask the mayor to sign on to the Charter, making us 'official' as a Compassionate City in progress.


  • Looking Ahead:
    What are our Needs? We are seeking a Development Person.
    7 to 8 hours weekly to spearhead our Corporate Outreach and Fundraising, and work with our Grant Writer and Bookkeeper/Treasurer; we are also looking for a Grant Writer, 3 to 5 hours weekly. We all volunteer, but there are gratuity surprises now and then!


  • Steve DiSalvo: Update on Facebook
    We are hoping to begin Instagram.

  • Terese Messman: Outreach Update
    Terese emphasized that we are gathering most of our endorsements from grass-roots folks...something we can all help with.


  • Carla Mae and Lisa Gleiforst (our new Bookkeeper/Treasurer):
    Our Finances: Lisa comes to us as payroll specialist at the History Museum; our Savings Account (Endowment) is now$4000+, and our Checking Account is $1000+...a sincere thank you to all of you who keep us able to pay our bills and build toward a future...!

1:30pm Our 'Shout Out' Compassion

  • Meet Matt Karaste and learn the story of what compassion looks like in a food desert, and about how Matt and team are helping St. Louis folks get fresh foods so they have access to greens and other goodies they can't find in their neighborhoods!

    You can view their PowerPoint presentation


Questions, Comments, Suggestions


Click HERE for materials for inviting another to endorse,

to 'Stand With Us'


2:15pm Closure.


Next Meeting: April 8th, 6:30pm by Zoom, due to the eclipse on this day!


Carla Mae Streeter, OP

Convener, CSTL


Carla Mae Streeter, OP

Aquinas Institute of Theology

23 South Spring Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63108-3323


Visit my Blog at

Click Here to view the chat information that was shared during the meeting.

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