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May 8th Meeting Summary


1:00pm Welcome, Introductions, and Blessing

  • All present introduced themselves; we had representatives from various faith traditions and professions present.

  • The Blessing emphasized that Compassion hits the ground walks the talk; it has hands, feet, eyes and ears for human misery. The Prayer will be used daily for a small group that offered to pray for the city.


1:10pm Pointers from Compassion Integrity Training

Human consciousness is a dynamic psychic energy field. It has four sets of operations: It experiences, it understands, it judges the truth of what it understands about its experiences. This group we call 'intelligence.' Then it decides what to do. This is decision; it weighs things and decides what to do. This is our 'will.' Compassion come in right between intelligence and choice. We either see the struggle around us or we ignore it or look away.


1:20pm Reports:

Mindy Stieg provided an Update on our Endorsements: we welcomed the following new Endorsers:

Candice Cox, Khaos Organization, Thelma Hall-Gordon, Matthew Bentley, Mary Bequeath, Robert (Bob) Bax, Llynnsie Kantor, Arlene Kohut, Tom Thornton, and Maggy Malcolm, and the St. Louis Realtors.


Mindy reported that we have 392 endorsements. Remember, our immediate goal is 500...! 108 to go....!


Steve Di Salvo: Update on Facebook

Steve Di Salvo was not with us, so no update on Facebook

Steve will be trying to find a way to encourage our 500+ visitors to endorse us.


Dave Wenzel/Carla Mae on Finances:

We are so very grateful for all of you who have sent in what you can to cover our expenses. Carla Mae continues to make an ask to build up our finances to be able to obtain our 501c3 for the state of Missouri in the near future, and to help us pay our monthly bills for mailing and the website. We also secured our Trademark (The Voice for Compassion) this month. With your help we could cover the $250 needed.


We need your financial help for completing our 501c3 tax exempt status and some new expenses. If you can help at this time, we'd be very grateful. 


Two ways to donate: Go onto our website,

and click 'Donate,' or mail a check to:

Compassionate St. Louis

Carla Mae Streeter, OP

23 South Spring Ave. St. Louis, MO 63108.


1:30pm Walking the Talk:

Candice E. Cox, MSW, LCSW is the Executive Director of KHAOS Incorporated
Candice holds a BSW from Southeast Missouri State University and an MSW from St. Louis University. 

Candice works daily to be a catalyst in the lives of others to propel them forward while creating programs that introduce and implement social, communication, and positive resolution techniques. She is a phenomenal and well-sought after motivational speaker, author, educator, curriculum developer. She has spoken at educational conferences, led keynote events, facilitated community workshops, and appeared in online and media publications across the nation.

Since 2004, she has provided licensed clinical services to children and families in community mental health settings. Over the years, she identified the distinct need for additional resources and approaches in mental health advocacy and treatment and in 2012 started A&A Inspirations, a psychotherapy private practice for children and families.
Candice utilizes innovative and experiential treatment modalities to shift mental health approaches from being “labeled” to “living beyond labels.” She published her first therapeutic children’s book in 2016, Please Oh Please, which centers teaching coping and skill building for children with ADHD. Candice is now a best-selling author of several books and journals as well as a winner of several humanitarian awards.


Questions, comments, suggestions followed, and we were filled with hope that this wonderful work is now going on not only in the city, but throughout the state!


Click HERE for materials for inviting another to endorse,

to 'Stand With Us'


2:15pm Closure.


Next Meeting: September 11th, 1:00pm.


Carla Mae Streeter, OP

Convener, CSTL


Carla Mae Streeter, OP

Aquinas Institute of Theology

23 South Spring Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63108-3323


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