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You  to  Everyone 1:22 PM

We currently have 687 Endorsers!

Welcome Lisa!


Terese Messman  to  Everyone 1:30 PM

Terese’s email

For support in getting endorsers for the St. Louis charter for Compassion


Ram Lakshmanan  to  Everyone 1:32 PM

Recommend reaching out and collaborating with Betsy Cohen of St Louis Mosaic Project; Amanda Laumeyer of St. Patrick's Center; Emily Hemingway of TechSTL as they all share the passion to rebrand STL as a progressive supportive and compassionate city.


You  to  Everyone 1:34 PM

Yes, I will save the chat.


Jenny Grace  to  Everyone 1:35 PM

Is this being recorded?  It doesn't say so on the screen.


You  to  Everyone 1:36 PM

Jenny, no it is not being recorded. I haven't been given permission to record.


Jenny Grace  to  Everyone 1:37 PM

Carla Mae said she wanted it to be recorded in the beginning.


Terese Messman  to  Everyone 1:37 PM

Thanks, Ram - we ask that our participants with great ideas follow through with those ideas - we are all volunteers and if we each do a little, then we all get lots done! We’d love to support you in contacting Mosaic Project and ST. Patrick’s center - just be in touch and I can help at a meeting, so could Carla Mae, Ed or Fie.


You  to  Everyone 1:38 PM

Carla Mae gave me verbal permission which doesn't do it . Carla Mae needs to do something on her screen to give me that permission.


Jerry Stookey  to  Everyone 1:39 PM

Recommend CSTL participate in/attend St. Louis Earth Day in Forest Park April 20-21.  They are our kind of people working for a green, safe, friendly city, like electric buses, group biking, nature programs for city kids, etc., etc.  They are helping to make STL a compassionate city.  Go to their website:


Terese Messman  to  Everyone 1:52 PM

Hi Fie, your audio is very foggy - fyi


Firoozeh Motiei 1:52 PM

Thanks for letting me know.


Jenny Grace 1:56 PM

We are so appreciative for all the ways you reach out to the community


Jenny Grace  to  Everyone 1:53 PM


Firoozeh Motiei  to  Everyone 1:57 PM

This was a clever idea. Thanks for all hard work. We love to hear more about you


You to  Everyone 2:13 PM

I have copied the chat session, and it will be posted on the website with the meeting summary

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